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Most silicon carbide is man-made for use as an abrasive (when it is often known by the trade name carborundum), or more recently as a semiconductor and moissanite gemstones. The simplest manufacturing process is to combine sand and carbon at a high temperature, between 1600?C and 2500?C. Purer product can be made by the more expensive process of chemical vapor deposition. Its high melting point (above 1600?C) makes it useful for bearings and furnace parts. It is also highly inert.

Typical characteristics include:
            Low density
            High strength
            Good high temperature strength (Reaction bonded)
            Oxidation resistance (Reaction bonded)
            Excellent thermal shock resistance
            High hardness and wear resistance
            Excellent chemical resistance
            Low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity
            Electrical conductivity

Typical applications include:
            Seals, bearings, pump vanes
            Ball valve parts
            Wear plates
            Kiln furniture
            Heat exchangers
            Semiconductor wafer processing equipment
Grit Size available 16, 24, 36, 46, 60, 80,100,120,150,180, 220, 280, 320, 400, 600, 800,1000
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